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Leading The World in Modern Instruction

  • Which of these describe you?

  • You're tired of seeing poor embellishments and finger work on your critique sheets?

  • Eager to leave behind mediocrity and become the best player you can be?

    It's time to turn those critiques into strengths and doubts into triumphs.

    Keep reading to learn how Bruce can be your catalyst for growth and mastery.

Imagine stepping onto the stage, bagpipes in hand and elegantly captivating the

audience with the enchanting melodies and mesmerizing phrasing of your

piobaireachd playing, creating a harmony of emotions with every note.

Join Bruce Gandy on the path towards piobaireachd greatness, where you'll gain the knowledge,

skills, and strategies to rise above the rest and become a true force in the piping world.

Discover how you can elevate your playing to new heights, avoid common pitfalls,

and accelerate your progress. Whether you're familiar with Bruce

or new to his teachings, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Dive into Bruce's inspiring story and gain priceless wisdom from his

remarkable piobaireachd journey.

What Others Are Saying

Name : Benedict Posch

Level: Intermediate

The lessons with Bruce are always fun and easy going, with a nice and friendly environment.

Of course he demands and challenges you and the occasional "push" out of the comfort zone is much needed. I get constructive criticism where needed and praises when appropriate.

Bruce manages to explain the bagpipe music in a very straightforward way which also helps me understand the music and the way it's meant to be played better.

I have definitely learned a lot and have become a more secure and confident piper through his teachings.

Name: Jane Spicer

Level: Advanced

While I was regularly attending a piping school each year where Bruce was one of the instructors, I felt I needed additional instruction throughout the year to keep the momentum going in learning new tunes and improving my bagpipe sound.

Lessons with Bruce have provided a nice framework throughout the year to keep improving my piping.

While I am no longer interested in competing, I do enjoy the feeling of understanding what it takes to produce good music on the bagpipe.

Bruce's ability to get to the heart of where I am having a problem in a particular tune is astounding.

It is particularly helpful that he can accurately reproduce the 'bad' phrase so I hear what I am doing, and then immediately follow it with a much better way to express the phrase.

Name : Andrew

Level: Intermediate

Before I started I didn’t really know where I was with my playing and how to move forward. I had never really competed and wanted to become a more confident player. In particular, I really wanted to better understand piobaireachd.

Since working with Bruce I have a clear understanding of where I am and the steps I need to take to develop my playing. I have successfully performed in 2 events and looking forward to playing more. I have greater confidence with my piobaireachd playing and can really feel improvement in all aspects of my playing.

Bruce's Story

Playing the pipes and learning is truly a lifelong journey. I cannot remember a day since I was a very young boy that I didn't either have a chanter in my hands or was listening to a pipe tune to learn something.

When I was young, I can clearly recall one night being at my teacher's home with a few other people from the senior band and a pad of paper, and he went through all of the basic Piobaireachd construction, explaining the phrase patterns of each and some tune examples.

He didn't just give us a file like we tend to get nowadays, he made us all take dictation on paper. This felt like homework at the time, but I'm glad I was there to take those notes on that evening.

Knowing some of the Piobaireachd theory and using the guide to figure out my "new" tune has always made it easier to memorize. We learned most of the basic technical embellishments used in Piobaireachd, which was just the "way it was done back then."

However, when we got onto a new tune, it was generally easier to play, and with the theory knowledge we had gained, we could memorize tunes quicker. It is only only when you are at the point of practice, where you know the notes and the embellishments are manageable, can you move into the real rehearsal stage and start to work on all the nuances that make this music so special and emotional.

I have always enjoyed the times when I have to dig into a tune to find more to the musical interpretation.

In 1989 I fell down the stairs at home. I was a carpenter at the time and quite strong, sturdy, but lacking knowledge of how the body works. I felt like I badly bruised my leg but could walk on it, so I knew it wasn't broken. I had no idea I had seriously damaged my back, and I have now suffered from "bulging disc syndrome" since that very day.

With three vertebrae injured down low and two higher up in the neck area, I began to experience a lot of pain in my hands and numbness at times. That summer at The Glengarry Highland Games at Maxville Ontario, I broke down competing twice in one day because I couldn't feel my hand or my fingers on the holes. This was a scary time in my life, and at that point, I had to give up solo piping for 4-5 years.

The great benefit or positive that came out of this time was that I started to work on my hands, playing rhythmic, technical exercises, and practically rebuilt my playing using all of the "playing with control" exercises I was taught as a young boy.

I developed a mental system in my head that I still use today where I do not necessarily think of lifting this or that finger to make an embellishment, but now, I have trained myself to hear all of the work percussively. This allows me to control the size of my movements and how "open or tight" I want to play them. This method has worked incredibly well for years now and saved my piping career.

Nowadays, I like to make sure that the student, no matter what level they are at, is well versed in all the technical work required to play the tune first. Then I want them to understand the basic phrasing style so the mind is at ease when playing the tune. At this point, we can put all our concentrated effort into delivering a piece of music that pulls out all the required emotion and gives the listener a truly wonderful experience.

This took far too many years to really believe, understand, and follow for real!

I never teach my students how to "win" a contest, I reverse the mindset, and we work on how to "not lose." It sounds like the same thing to some but is fundamentally different. One of the biggest personal milestones in my piping came from the realization that I just had to respect all the players out there and not think I should win because I played well without any errors. When you try to win an event, you often set yourself up with far too much pressure, but if you can put in the work and do everything possible to play as well as you would at home, you now put the other players in a position where they must be better than you.

Many years of great personal coaching finally allowed me to realize that I can only control what I do. I cannot control how the others play and certainly cannot control how the judges or the audience feel.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had, and still enjoy an incredibly long career as both a performer and a teacher.

50+ years competing and 45+ years teaching all over several parts of the world have given me a wide range of experience to help guide learners of all ages and levels.

It is my hope that both my teaching and performing have inspired people to try to elevate their own playing to a higher level. If I can do this going forward, I would feel I have made a positive contribution to our art form.


A few stand out moments in Bruce's continuing career.

Institute of Piping Graduate Certificate and Teaching Certificate

Scottish Piping Society of London Bratach Gorm 2022

Winner Donald Macdonald Quaich at Skye 2015

With his wealth of experience and expertise, Bruce has created a course and book on the piobaireachd essentials with valuable insights and tips for anyone looking to improve their performance skills.

Bruce's guidance will help you unlock your full potential and become the

best player you can be.

Who is this course for?

Bagpipe players of all levels.

For beginners and up to and including experienced players.

Tuned to Suit You

What is this course?

Introducing "Essential Piobaireachd Foundations," the ultimate pathway to unlock you true potential as a Piobaireachd player. In this course, Bruce shares his wealth of knowledge, techniques, and strategies gained from years of experience and success.

So whether you're a beginner seeking to delve into intricacies of piobaireachd or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, this course provides a comprehensive and structured apporach for players of all levels.

"Essential Pobaireachd Foundations" takes a step-by-step approach, providing the tools and understanding to elevate your playing to new heights. From mastering embellishments and technical variations to tackling advanced techniques and learning complete tunes. This comprehensive program empowers you to overcome challenges and embrace the extraordinary journey of piobaireachd mastery. With each lesson and practice, you'll gain invaluable insights and develop the skills necessary to become a true force in the piping world.

Prepare to be inspired, challenged and amazed as you venture on this transformative journey.

Are you prepared to unleash the full power of your piobaireachd playing potential?

Join Bruce and a community of passionate learner, and learn the secrets to:


Embellishment Mastery

Hone your skills in executing intricate embellishments, such as taorluaths, crunluaths, and grips, adding depth and flair to your piobaireachd performances.


Technical Variations

Dive into the world of technical variations, mastering challenging fingerwork patterns and developing the skill and control required to easily navigate complex phrases.


Advanced Expression Techniques

Explore the nuances of expression in piobaireachd, delving into techniques such as pulsing, phrasing, and tempo manipulation to bring the music to life and evoke powerful emotions in your audience


Complete Tune Interpretation

Learn to interpret and perform full piobaireachd tunes, understanding the structure, themes, and musical motifs within each composition and showcasing your ability to convey the essence and story of the music through your playing.

Do you want to . . .

  • Be able to step off the boards at the end of a performance and feel like you've delivered a musical rendition of your Piobaireachd?

  • Have access to the 'secret sauce' for playing your Taorluaths and Crunluaths clearly and precisely?

  • Have masterful rhythmic control of your movements instead of the inconsistent "autopilot" type movement?

  • Feel like you have a World-Class piping teacher at your fingertips through guided video lessons that feel like private tuition?

  • Develop a basic understanding of Canntaireachd and begin to discover the importance of this "oral method" of learning and why this approach is so essential to the art form?

Take full advantage of this limited-time offer, and gain access to:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore embellishments, technical variations, expression techniques, and complete tune interpretation with ease.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Bruce, a highly experienced and successful piobaireachd player, as he shares his wealth of knowledge, technique, and strategies.

  • Structured Approach: Benefit from a step-by-step learning system that provides clear progression and a solid foundation in piobaireachd.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with video lessons, practice exercises, sheet music, performance tips, and interactive quizzes for a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

  • Community Support: Join a vibrant community of passionate learners, participate in discussions, and receive support and motivation from fellow piobaireachd enthusiasts.

  • Performance Opportunities: Unleash newfound confidence by mastering these valuable skills, opening doors to performance opportunities where your talent can shine and captivate audiences.

  • Lifetime access: enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit lessons, practice at your own pace, and continue your growth as a piobaireachd player.

Bonus Bundle includes:

  • Bonus 1:

    A full extra Piob with four accompanying videos totalling 55 minutes of teaching

  • Bonus 2:

    Personal Repertoire for Gigs

  • Bonus 3:

    Practice Tips PDF

  • Bonus 4:

    Maintenance Check List

More Kind Words from Bruce's Successful Students

Name : Joanne Miller

Level: Intermediate

I was seeking assistance to return to piping after a 20 year hiatus. I felt out of touch, and nervous at the thought of piping again, and I questioned my ability to learn and develop my skills.

Many times I started and gave up, and I knew I had to find a tutor that not only understood my situation but was able to develop a learning strategy that would support me my goal of playing in solo competitions.

I conducted plenty of research online to locate a tutor, and was impressed with Bruce’s achievements. When we started to work together, I was impressed by his ability to foster a collaborative relationship and develop a plan to work towards my goals.

I have felt supported and gained confidence throughout the process, and have already completed in my first solo competition!

I’m appreciative of his persistence and belief in my potential, not to mention his skills as a player and tutor.

He continues to support me, and works through the self doubt that creep up every now and then. Without doubt, working with Bruce has been the best decision I’ve made to progress my piping, and I look forward to my piping future.

Name : Gavin

Level: Advanced

Before we started working together I was getting to the point where I needed a more skilled teacher with more experience in the piping world. My goals were to keep progressing and moving up in grade


In the time that we have worked together, I have moved from Grade 4 to Grade 1. Bruce taught me how to refine my bagpipe and helped me improve my playing.

It is great to have such a supportive teacher who has so much knowledge and so many different tips on how to refine my techniques.

Name: Paddy McQuarrie

Level: Intermediate

Drawing from his experiences, depth of knowledge, and kind personality, Bruce provides engaging, well-rounded lessons tailored to his students' specific needs and interests.

He has unique ways of identifying strengths and weaknesses and incorporating them into personalized instruction that is both challenging and rewarding.

Bruce's commitment is apparent in everything he does, and teaching is no exception; he always goes above and beyond to ensure you are making progress and achieving goals.

His style is engaging and interactive, and he utilizes various methods to help you improve and succeed.

His teaching approaches have been instrumental in my own development and success. Bruce creates a positive and encouraging learning environment that fosters growth and instills confidence – critical to learning and growth both on and off the boards.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

We are so sure that our course will exceed your expectations and lead to remarkable progress in your piobaireachd playing. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the program, let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we will gladly refund your investment in full.

Act now to secure your spot in Essential Piobaireachd Foundations at the price of $127.

The choice is yours. Will you settle for mediocrity or strive for greatness to become a skilled and confident player?

We'll be waiting for you in Essential Piobaireachd Foundations.

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