Into campfire conversations?

Get to know yourself more deeply through unguarded conversations, courageous curiosity, brave exploration and a bolder, more authentic way of talking about business. Come share your story, your business & yourself. This is so much more than just networking...


  • No 60 second pitches

  • Non-salesy human to human, soul to soul connection

  • A curious, compassionate space to be your unguarded, unapologetic self

This isn't just a safe space for dropping guards, it's a BRAVE space for encouraging deeper connection & unfiltered conversation to accelerate all areas of growth - personal, spiritual, business and financial. Lean into the edges of who you are, embrace your whole self and start showing up in your business like a pheonix from the flames.

This offer is perfect for you if;

  • You're a huge hearted female business owner, open minded, with a strong sense that there's a bigger purpose for you

  • You're about community & collaboration over competition and offer love & acceptance without judgementYou're interested in personal development and want to contribute as well as receive in abundance

  • You've never been to our Affinity online sessions before and are not just looking for a place to just sell and collect contacts

NB. if you have been before, we've evolved so BOOK A CALL to see what Affinity can do for you now, in this new energy!

Come see us...

Hi, I'm Lauren!

The success of our business as solopreneurs is so closely tied to our ability to alchemise our traumas and challenges into something powerful and positive.

Mindset blocks hold us back, fears stop us in our tracks and worries about the uncertainty of it all can lead us to walking away from our dream life. I REALLY don't want that for you.

In the right environment with the right support - where
we're able and encouraged to lean into our edges, acknowledge our triggers, voice our thoughts and feelings and process to release all that's gone before
- we can create raging success in our businesses and fulfill our deepest potential in this lifetime by contributing to a huge ripple effect of change.

This isn't your bog standard business networking, this is something entirely different...

We're here to accelerate your growth; personally, spiritually and financially!

"Affinity is more than just a safe space - it’s a bounce board of ideas, a deep dive into ethically functioning business models, and a mirror of secure self reflection… you can truly look at yourself in a vulnerable way to explore what needs to grow and what needs to shine, without fear of judgement or misunderstanding from others…. And THAT is pretty damn powerful!"

— Edel Danger Clark


If you've been before and you're ready to join us, then dive in and become a member. If you'd like to hear more about what Affinity can do for you book a call with me and if you're not sure just yet then stay in touch by hopping on the mailing list.

Any Questions?

How many sessions can I join for free?

The free trial is available to you if you've never attended Affinity online networking before.Please join us for any available online events within 7 days of signing up, completely free!

Does it cost anything?

It will cost you a few hours of your time but I know how precious a resource time is so I make sure it's worth the investment by introducing you to other inspiring women in business. You're going to have GREAT conversations and make beautiful, meaningful connections.Other than that, it won't cost you a penny, we don't take any card details and there's no obligation to join after your trial but we'd love it if you felt called to!

What does an Affinity networking session look like?

We're not salesy - at all!!

Instead, talk about your business from a place of passion and purpose, share why you do what you do. It just feels better, doesn't it? 


A short intro from the host where the vibe is set - vulnerability is welcome, suits of armour left at the door, come on in as your unapologetic, authentic selves and connect from the heart.A conversation starter is provide, there's a quick, fun warm up and then we head to the breakout rooms which are 10 minute 1:1 rooms.

In between each we have what I like to call the anti 60 second pitch where we shout out the person we've just spoken to! This has all the good feels around it!We exchange business links in the chat and I also tag all attendees in a LinkedIn post after the session to encourage you to continue your conversations, connect and follow up with those you've met - AND those you haven't (because we are a networking group after all) 

OUR WILD WOMAN SESSION FORMAT (Weds 1pm)These are a little different and were introducted to support one of our core values of 'Conscious Connection'.

We have a guest come and lead a 20 minute spiritual or conscious practice at the beginning of the session (sound bathing, meditation, conscious dance/movement, journalling etc.) following by 1:1 breakout rooms for the remainder of the session.These are designed to help us more deeply (and more regularly) connect in with our intuition, our inner guidance or our body wisdom - whichever is your preferred terminology - and to bring us into the same energetic space. This minimises any barriers to connection.

It's a unique experience unlike any other networking you'll find online.

Can I attend the Wild Woman Sessions?

Yes! And please do, these are a unique experience unlike any other networking you'll find online. They are included in your free sessions.

How should I prepare?

I would love for you to embrace all that you are, show up unapologetically and without any suits of armour because that vulnerability is what allows in the most meaningful connections to flourish. So come as you are!

There's no 60 second pitch and I always provide a conversation starter to fall back on should you find the conversation doesn't flow initially.

To give you the best possible chance at getting the very most out of your sessions, you can download my free resources from HERE to help you make the most of the networking.

What outcomes can I expect?

Affinity isn't just networking, it's so much more than that. It's a sisterhood.

So reframe your approach. It's not just a place to get clients. It doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end of that intention and I know you don't like showing up in that energy either so let's stop.

If we show up with the aim of just getting clients, we show up guarded.

We feel we have to be polished, professional, 'perfect' which means there's no room for vulnerability (which is the gateway to deeper connection).

So approach it with the aim of finding your people, revealing your true self and discovering a way to run your business that grows it from the heart.

When you drop the intention of 'just getting clients' you stand to receive SO MUCH MORE;

  • Friendship

  • Great conversation and meaningful connection

  • Accountability

  • Leaning into vulnerbaility and overcoming fears

  • A place to talk abut things you can't talk about anywhere else

  • Inspiration and ideas for your business

  • Growing confidence through clarity

  • Uplifting, motivating energy

  • Shared business knowledge and personal growth

  • Clients, cross referrals, recommendations, tags on social media and ultimately exponential business growth!

What if I'm running late, need to leave early or can't make it?

We're super chilled and we're here for you not the other way around so;

Running late? No problem, slide in whenever you're ready.

You may have to wait for the next round of rooms if the host finds themself in a 1:1 but hang out in the waiting room and we'll let you in as soon as we can. And no explanations are needed 

Need to leave early? Absolutely no problem! Just let us know you're dropping off so we can rearrange the rooms. We'd rather you join us for some of it than miss the whole thing.

Can't make one of your booked sessions? Just reschedule to any other session within the 4 weeks. Again, no explanation is needed.

We've had ladies show up just for one room at the end before just because they needed a bit of adult conversation!


"I'm so grateful to have found Affinity. It's exactly what I never knew I needed.

Honestly I feel like I’ve found a tribe.

I’ve had conversations with interesting, likeminded people, some of which I now feel like I’ve known for years, when we’ve only chatted for 10 minutes. We can talk about what’s important; life, the universe and everything"

— Rachel Jackson, VA Specialising in Email Marketing

"Since joining, not only have a gained the most beautiful and encouraging sisterhood but I've also hit my highest earning month.

On average I have made an additional £600/month.

I don't even have to actively sell to make these sales. They've been made through genuine connection, through our own stories and personal experiences or just being there to help"

— Jessica Segalla, Online Business Manager

"This place is like no other! I have tried many online communities for women entrepreneurs that promote collaboration and connection, but it was never truly the case. Lauren does a great job of allowing us and giving is the space to show up as we are.

So if you value authenticity, connection and collaborations, this is the community for you!"

— Bao Yang, Word Alchemist and Copywriter


From lonely and isolated to feeling truly seen in a safe judgement-free environment that doen't just make you comfortable, it makes you so comfortable that you feel comfotable getting uncomfortable because that's where the growth happens.

From feeling stuck in your business to having a sounding board of experienced, successful peers who lovingly guide you at each turn. Lean into the hivemind for the answers and for inspiration or ask our guest experts for guidance.

From feeling like you have to show up as perfect & polished to leaning into vulnerability to discover your most authentic self and find deep connection with yourself and others.


Affinity isn't just networking, it's not a place to come just to get clients and it's not just for business growth.

These things are the goal but there are many ways to get there.

Affinity is a sacred space to support you in your journey to healing, expansion and self actualisation.

If we show up just to 'get clients' we put on a mask and there's no room for vulnerability - this is a barrier to meaningful connection. So instead come, make friends, get vulnerable, play, explore, and expand into your full self - the clients will flow naturally.