Homeschool Planning

Made Simple

a once-a-year homeschool planning system

created by a 25-year homeschool mom

For 25 years, I homeschooled my five children. Managing a family while homeschooling is challenging, and I needed to come up with ways to simplify my life as much as possible. Homeschool planning and preparation took up a lot of time each week, so I decided to start there on my journey to a more simplified lifestyle.

I developed this method of planning our homeschool lessons for the year all at once so that I could have more freedom, simplicity and peace of mind on a weekly basis...

and being able to quickly assign my children their homeschool work in a matter of minutes gave me what I needed most -

more TIME in my day!

Can you relate to the need for more hours in your day?

After some trial and error, I ended up with this ~

Homeschool Planning Made Simple.

By investing some time laying out the schoolwork for the year, I simplified one of the biggest "time sucks" for me...and this one change in turn changed our entire homeschool.

(Which changed my happiness level & made my life SO! MUCH! BETTER!)

This nonconsumable resource is something your purchase once & use forever!

(okay, maybe not forever...but for as long as you are homeschooling!)

You wish there was a way to…

  • Maximize your time each week

  • Know exactly what you'll be working on in your homeschool

  • Take this load off your shoulders

Homeschool Planning Made Simple

gives you everything you need to quickly + easily

plan out your homeschool year all at once!

Planning worksheets, a User Guide, & a video tutorial are included in your purchase.

And don't forget, it's lifetime access so you pay once & never again!