What They're Saying

“I was working with a couple of other VAs that I was pretty happy with, but honestly, once I started working with Katie, I could see she was cut above the crop.

Her help with writing is quick, efficient and impactful.”

Liz Sanders

Breathwork Coach

“As a coach and entrepreneur, it can feel like you are working on a solo island, but working with Katie shifted all of that for me. She joined me in the excitement on my projects and I felt like she genuinely cared about my work in the world.

"I loved the graphics and branding that Katie did for me. She was amazing at that. She was also able to pick up on my language and do some simple copywriting.

She has so many amazing capabilities!"

Mikkel Leslie

Human Design Coach

As soon as I started working with Katie I felt like I hit the jackpot!

She’s smart, detail-oriented, prompt, proactive, skillful, and as nice as can be.

I would absolutely recommend Katie to others!”

Jill Allison Bryan

Creativity Coach

"Katie gave me so much peace during my maternity leave. I was rushed to the hospital early for my delivery and was very nervous, but the one thing I didn't have to worry about was my business. 

Katie took care of my clients and put me at ease that everything was taken care of. I was able to take my full maternity leave and I loved every minute of it."

Angeline Solis

Social Media Manager

“Since working with Katie, I have doubled my income and doubled my number of clients.

The engagement in my Facebook group has increased significantly and I now have a weekly newsletter that goes out to my list.

Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh

Military Marriage Coach

“The engagement with my social media has increased since Katie has taken over the postings.

Her content is beautiful and on-brand.

I joke that when I am struggling to find my voice for ads and copy, I ask Katie and she can tell me what it should be.”

Summer Jelinek

Keynote Speaker

Katie Fling; Social Media Management; Copy Writing; Social Media Marketing

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